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uPSet'uPSet' p.s. PlayGames specializes in producing exciting and fun games suitable for both adults and children.

The GAME of uPSet
The flagship game, uPSet, is a thrilling and unpredictable combination of chance and strategy where one throw of the dice or one play of a card can turn the game around and the winner of the game is in doubt until the very last second.
Using dice, cards, an interactive scoresheet and poker-style chips (uPcentS), uPSet takes only a few minutes to learn but every game is a different roller-coaster ride of fun and excitement. uPSet strikes that perfect balance between rewarding skilled and strategic play and introducing the element of luck to make sure that everyone has a chance to win and victory is never a sure thing.

Scoresheets and uPSet Cards.
The interactive scoresheet and the uPSet Cards are an integral and essential part of the the uPSet experience. To enhance your playing pleasure, p.s. PlayGames has developed different styles of uPSet scoresheets for when you need to buy replacements scorepads. Sold separately, the new scoresheets are in different colour-coded packs and, in addition, p.s. PlayGames includes THREE NEW and exciting bonus uPSet Cards with each colour replacement scoresheet pack. In this way you can continually renew and refresh your uPSet playing pleasures.

In Development.It's More Thank Just a Family Game!
Based on its flagship product, p.s. PlayGames has a number of new versions of uPSet in development including both travel and deluxe lines.
A new “uPSet POKER” is being considered to satisfy.
In addition, a new “uPSet TEAMS” is in preparation. The rationale for this product is twofold. In the first place it is intended to suit the couples, young, mature or older, who want to have friends around for a ‘games night’ and by playing in pairs it allows for more than just four or five people to be involved. Secondly, by playing in pairs, it demonstrates for younger players, the value of co-operation in achieving a common goal and thereby reinforces the theme of both adult and child-friendly